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Dedicated Server
Call Biz offers a range of complete server hosting solutions under the best data center in the world...
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Server Upgrade Plan
Our dedicated server means ‘All in One’. Our dedicated server is not only an extra feature to your hosting plan, it is the whole solution.... Click here for more...
Call Biz offers 24/7 Technical Support with many other ways to contact us through emails and direct phone calls...
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Our Most Popular Dedicated Server!

Athlon 64 X2 3800+
2 X 80GB HDD
1500 GB BW
10Mbps Port and 5 IPs.
Free Proactive Monitoring and Free Notification
In Just $0 Setup, $69/month
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Dedicated Server!

We Deal in

Why Call Biz?

A Few Good Reasons To Choose Call Biz
* Survey tells us that we are still one of the lowest yet best resellers around!
* All servers come with Easy managed, all common control panel issues ends here.
* Most affordable unmetered package!
* All services under a roof, load balancing,
DDoS protection, everything, and you name it;
we source it! Best of all, cost a fraction
of other major competitors!
* Call Biz employs quality technicians,
from the US , UK, Romania, US, Pakistan
and India. Having technicians around the
world allows us to provide top-notch
24/7 personalized service
* 30 minutes support response time!
* Almost all our packages have Free Setup.

Management Plans

Flexible Managed Dedicated Servers
Flexible Management means that you can pick the managed hosting services you need and only pay for those for your dedicated server. For example, your organization may have an administrator on staff who can handle the basic functions on your dedicated server, but cannot handle Linux kernel updates. Flexible Management offers the flexibility to only pay for what you need giving your company a cost-effective
dedicated hosting solution.
Self Managed plans
Easy Managed plans
Basic Managed Plans
Semi Managed Plans
Fully Managed Plans

Upgrade Your Plans

All Hardware Upgrades Have FREE Setup
All hardware upgrades are available for a low monthly or a
one time payment fee. Some standard options for upgrading
your dedicated server include the following:
Port Upgrades
RAM Upgrades
Hard Drive Upgrades
Backup Services
Firewall Upgrades
Load Balancing

ABOUT Call Biz

Call Biz was found with the goal to offer services as a dedicated server provider from the vast experience and expertise gained in this field. With the passage of time, we have gained experience in broad range of areas, broadening our services spectrum from dedicated hosting to DDoS protection. Read More >


Our goal is simple: to strive for customer satisfaction at all levels. At Call Biz, we ensure reliability, performance and security at all times in hosting and maintaining web sites of our clients. We don't provide mere hosting, but complete solutions to our clients. Read More >
DDoS ProtectionIT ConsultancyWeb Development
With the increase in Internet businesses, there have been rapid increases in hacker attacks on the sites as well, especially the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Call Biz provides DDoS protection for web sites through its service BlockDOS.
BlockDOS have different firewalls and we have as well convention firewalls as well. But in today’s world there are plenty of attacks which can effortlessly be avoided from firewall. Firewalls will get a bench in a real traffic and let it pass through. We learn each attack and put the sifts consequently. Read More >
We develop customizable website templates, ready to be implemented by our customers in no time.
We provide simple web-based solutions to our customers, which are based on our custom-built and easily customizable web-based applications that work out-of-the-box, including customized CMS solutions. In addition, we develop customizable website templates, ready to be implemented by our customers in no time. Read More >
From simple websites to the most complex database-driven dynamic websites, from portals to e-commerce hubs, Call Biz is geared up to provide the services, which are best suited to the needs of our clients. With our diverse range of expertise and our dynamic team of professionals, our customers can always rely on us for a website solution that surpasses their expectations. We begin every engagement with a thorough understanding of client's requirements and providing web designs that are visually stimulating, easy to navigate and help drive traffic to their site. Read More >


Call Biz offers 24/7 Technical Support with many other ways to contact us through emails and direct phone calls. At Call Biz, our Customer Support Department makes everything possible through its online availability round the clock. Our Customer Support is alive throughout the year with a capability ....


Dedicated server Hosting
DDOS Protection
Web Designing and Development
Customizable Web Based Application
24/7 Technical Support
Online Support
30 minute Response Time

WHY Call Biz

For all small, medium and large organizations, Call Biz offers an excellent solution to have their own server without paying the whole fortune. Dedicated server, a smart choice for your all IT solutions enables you to claim your own dedicated server without even putting it within your own premises. Call Biz offers data servers, each dedicated to a specific client.

Call Biz has grown and expanded to become a trusted name in dedicated
web hosting. From a handful of dedicated staff and satisfied customers, it has gained momentum to become a leading and reliable company in this field.

Dedicated Server Hosting

We offer unmatched dedicated server hosting solutions. With feature-rich packages at cost effective prices, our web server hosting plans are suitable for an organization of any size, large or small. Our managed dedicated web servers are hosted at some of the best data centers in the world, guaranteeing fast speed, top-notch security, 100% backup and 99.9% uptime.

Call Biz’s Dedication & Experience

Call Biz’s extensive experience of more than 7 years in providing managed dedicated server and enterprise hosting solutions has garnered it a reputation of a reliable, affordable and stable hosting provider. We have come a long way since we started providing hosting solutions. And in this span of time, we have understood that the most important part of this business is the client – we service what the client wants. We focus on innovation in our service offerings by investing in the hardware, software and network infrastructure so that our clients can tend to their online business and their customers without worrying about the complexities of the backbone of their online presence. To cater to the needs of businesses of all scales, Call Biz has devised various hosting solutions; solutions that allow small and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of top-class hardware and networks that are usually reserved for large corporations. We do cheap dedicated server and enterprise hosting like no other.